The Kakoi Water Project will bring year-round piped water to 15,500 people outside the Tarangire National Park in Tanzania. This solar-powered water project will teach the local community how to maintain & rebuild pump & pipe infrastructure. 

The project will guard against a changing climate and decrease the amount of time and energy spent to find water, specifically during the dry seasons. 

Phase 1: Survey, install solar panels, submerge pump system, reconnect pipe to Kakoi Primary School, teach & train community how to maintain system, Completed July 2019 

Phase 2: Install booster pump, create plumbing system at Kakoi Primary School, teach & train community about hygiene and sanitation through local NGO, In Progress 

Phase 3: Install water systems in 3-4 other locations in surrounding areas, In Progress


Kakoi Water Project


Northern Tanzania

Date Completed

Phase 1 Completed, Phase 2 & 3 In Progress

Phase 1 Completed!

Watch our video as we take off to survey the Kakoi Village in order to establish what materials will be needed for the remainder of the project. 

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